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Mind Control & 5th Generation Warfare by Sarah Westall dives deep into the science and psychology behind mind control tactics and how “they” are using them to control the mass population and influence real-world situations. Join us for an eye-opening discussion with renowned expert Sarah Westall and many others, as they reveal the depths of government manipulation and its impact on society.


In this exclusive streaming event, our experts will uncover the tactics used to control the masses, from subliminal messaging to 5G technology warfare techniques.


You can own a copy of Mind Control & 5th Generation Warfare by Sarah Westall and start protecting yourself, your friends, and your family.  Mind Control & 5th Generation Warfare Full Package includes:

Complete Series Access: Revisit all 10 episodes anytime.


*21 Additional Bonus Items that include the following:

  • EMF Mitigation Device:

Sleeping Pod - This creates shield protection around your body to allow you to sleep better as it blocks away the electronic pollution that's in the environment.


  • 6 Exclusive Videos: 
    • Targeted Individual – Mariana Maritato 
    • Targeted Individual – Bill Binney, former NSA intelligence officer 
    • Discussion on Biderman’s Chart of Coercion – Reinette Senum 
    • Discussion on Meta Materials – Hope and Tivon 
    • Discussion with Maryam Henein and Courtenay Turner 
    • Dr. Robert Epstein Presentation on Big Tech and Google Manipulation and Surveillance: A Danger to the World  
  • 4 Informative Presentation Slides (PDFs):
    • A Guide to 5th Generation Warfare, Hope and Tivon 
    • Overview of the Targeted Individual Program, Richard Lighthouse 
    • “The Program,” Attorney Ana Toledo 
    • Personal Targeting Experience, Dr. Len Ber
  • 7 Practical Video Guides on Orgone Energy, Shungite, and EMF Mitigation: 
    • How the EMF Mitigation Devices work – Orgonite and Shungite  
    • Orgone Energy – Wilhelm Reich and Orgone Energy Research 
    • Orgone Energy Blood Test 
    • Sleeping Pods with EMF Protection: How do they work? 
    • Protecting yourself from Cell Phone Radiation – Phone Shields for EMF protection 
    • Best use of the EMF Protection Pendant
  • 2 PDFs: 
    • Biderman’s Chart of Coercion 
    • Psychological Operations in Desert Shield, Desert Storm, and Urban Freedom 
(1) Plus the Exclusive 30-day FREE Trial Offer of Leela's Quantum Healing Service (PDF Certificate)

Ready to take action and protect yourself from these covert operations? Open your mind with our Mind Control & 5th Generation Warfare DIGITAL Package w/ Sleeping Pod.

Arm yourself with knowledge and strategies to recognize and combat psychological manipulation techniques. Gain instant access to expert interviews, educational resources, and practical tips to safeguard your main and maintain autonomy in an increasingly complex world.

Mind Control & 5th Generation Warfare by Sarah Westall aims to help you navigate the digital battlefield with confidence using our expert-backed presentations. Learn how to spot misinformation, protect your online identity, and defend against cyber threats.

Don’t let yourself become a pawn in “their” game of control. Take control of your life and join us on the journey to uncover the truth. Together, we can resist manipulation and reclaim our freedom.

Here’s a glimpse of what you will discover:

Day 1: Behind the Veil: Mind Control and 5th Generation Warfare featuring Sarah Westall

As a Big Tech refugee with a background in designing essential internet systems, Sarah provides unique insights into the digital landscape and its potential for surveillance and control. Witness how technological advancements have reshaped warfare and influenced global power dynamics.

  • Explore expert-backed approaches for understanding targeted manipulation, mind control, and modern warfare tactics.
  • Gain valuable insights from professionals as they discuss the evolution of warfare and the impact of technological advancements.
  • Discover how digital infrastructures can be used for surveillance and control.
  • Learn from experts who share strategies to navigate and counter these modern threats.

Day 2: Secrets of 5th Generation Warfare featuring Armin Kirshnan

With a wealth of knowledge in foreign policy, international security, and intelligence studies, Armin brings a unique and authoritative voice to this complex subject. His experience includes mentoring intelligence agents and military personnel, and he has authored numerous journal articles and six books on contemporary warfare. 

  • Discover the fundamentals of 5th Generation Warfare and how it shapes modern military strategies. 
  • Learn how creating confusion and leveraging psychological tactics can win wars without traditional battles. 
  • Gain insights into the ultimate objectives of 5th Generation Warfare: controlling the enemy's mind and body. 
  • Hear real-world examples and theoretical insights from a leading expert in security studies.


Day 3: The Psychology Behind Mind Control featuring Dave Hodges

Watch as Dave Hodges delves into the methods of coercion and the fascinating psychology behind mind control. He explains that 25% to 40% of the population has a built-in defense mechanism against such tactics.

  • Understand the psychological foundations of mind control and the methods used to exert influence over individuals. 
  • Learn about the natural defense mechanisms that some people have against mind control tactics. 
  • Explore the cutting-edge technologies and experiments designed to bypass these defenses, including nanobot technology. 
  • Hear about historical mind control experiments, including those conducted by the Nazis, and how they discovered conditions that weaken people's natural defenses.


Day 4: Political Manipulation of 5th Generation Warfare featuring Reinette Senum

Watch as the former Mayor of Nevada City, California, and a former gubernatorial candidate Reinette, an outspoken environmental activist, brings her unique political perspective to the table, exposing the dark side of political manipulation and media-created realities.

  • Discover the tactics used to co-opt political movements and invert their original meanings. 
  • Learn how media and political institutions manufacture realities to control public perception. 
  • Understand the systemic exclusion of non-chosen politicians from media platforms and public debates. 
  • Gain insights into the patterns and strategies behind the scenes, from social media manipulation to targeted radio ads.


Day 5: The History and Secrets of Mind Control featuring Courtenay Turner and Maryam Henein

Join Courtenay and Maryam as they explore the roots of the Tavistock Institute, tracing its beginnings to the period before World War I. They uncover its role as a British unit specializing in psychological warfare and human relations, revealing how the institute crafted mind control techniques that still shape media companies today.

  • Dive into the rich history and pivotal impact of the Tavistock Institute.
  • Uncover the mind control techniques pioneered by Tavistock and their use in today's media landscape.
  • Examine how these techniques influence public opinion and steer societal narratives.
  • Recognize the tactics designed to stifle critical thinking and suppress challenges to mainstream viewpoints.


Day 6: The Science and Engineering of 5th Generation Warfare featuring Hope and Tivon

Watch as Hope and Tivon delve into a variety of crucial subjects such as energy weapons, EMF radiation, protection strategies, surveillance, and biotechnology. They expose how sock puppets, bots and click farms fabricate an online illusion or what they call online realities. They will also talk about the profound implications of the Wireless Body Area Network - the Internet of Bodies.

  • Uncover how sock puppets, bots, and click farms fabricate deceptive online realities.
  • Explore the Wireless Body Area Network and its profound effects on personal privacy and health.
  • Discover EMF-targeted weapons and the tools to mitigate their impacts.
  • Delve into advanced surveillance and biotechnology techniques that shape and control our lives.


Day 7: Targeting and Mind Control Experiments featuring Richard Lighthouse

Immerse yourself in the unsettling realm of mind control experiments and targeted individuals with Richard Lighthouse, a former NASA scientist and Stanford graduate holding a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. In this episode, Lighthouse reveals the chilling realities endured by millions of targeted individuals, offering a compelling firsthand account.

  • Grasp the vast reach and impact of mind control experiments affecting millions.
  • Uncover the use of resonated frequencies to monitor and manipulate people.
  • Dive into Voice to Skull technology and its mind control applications.
  • Learn the covert manipulation tactics involving targeted frequencies from satellites, cell towers, and other technologies.


Day 8: The Legal Battles Against Targeted Mind Control featuring Ana Toledo

Ana Toledo delves into her role in a groundbreaking 5th Circuit lawsuit, where Targeted Justice is challenging Attorney General Garland on behalf of targeted individuals. She exposes the complexities of Special Access Programs, which are funded by the Black Project Budget and managed by agencies like the CIA, FBI, DHS, and the US Space Force.

  • Delve into the 5th Circuit's ongoing legal fight to protect individuals under surveillance.
  • Grasp the impact of Special Access Programs run by different federal agencies.
  • Uncover the breach of constitutional rights through warrantless surveillance and remote neural monitoring.
  • Explore the treaty and RICO violations linked to these secretive programs.


Day 9: The Truth Behind Havana Syndrome featuring Dr. Len Ber

Dr. Ber exposes the severe impact of directed energy weapons and the symptoms of Havana Syndrome, offering an insider's view on 5th-generation warfare. Dr. Len Ber's firsthand experience provides a unique perspective on the devastating consequences of directed energy weapons and the urgent need for awareness and action.

  • Unveil the mystery surrounding Havana Syndrome and its direct ties to directed energy weapons.
  • Learn about the symptoms and repercussions endured by victims of Havana Syndrome.
  • Join Dr. James Giordano in his fervent advocacy alongside Dr. Ber within the DOD, exploring his pioneering research on the evolution of warfare.
  • Explore the extensive implications of directed energy weapons on the dynamic landscape of future battlegrounds and strategic warfare.


Day 10: Advanced Methods of Mind Control and Solutions featuring Sarah Westall

Delve into Sarah Westall's exploration of cutting-edge neural manipulation, mind-possession tech, hive-mind studies, brain DNA alteration and so much more. Uncover actionable strategies to counter these advancements, starting with heightened awareness and comprehensive understanding.

  • Dive into the dynamic realm of full spectrum dominance and revolutionary mind-war strategies shaping modern warfare.
  • Learn about the key entities propelling advanced technologies such as nanobots, cognitive-altering devices, and genetic manipulation.
  • Discover actionable solutions to counter these formidable methods, commencing with heightened awareness.

Why choose the DIGITAL Package w/ Sleeping Pod? Dive deeper with exclusive content and bonus materials designed to empower and enlighten you. Don’t miss out on the comprehensive insights and practical tools that can make a real difference in understanding and navigating our complex world.

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