Covidland Trilogy (DVD)

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Covidland Trilogy 

1 x Covidland 1: The Lockdown
1 x Covidland 2: The Mask 
1x Covidland 3: The Shot 

Covidland 1: The Lockdown

On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a pandemic under the pretense of a novel coronavirus that they falsely claimed had a death rate of 3.4%. More than 190 member countries of the WHO imposed lockdowns, putting most of the global population under strict martial law. Unscientific lockdowns proved to be a lucrative business model for the global elite, expanding their wealth by $5 trillion dollars and adding one new billionaire every 17 hours throughout the year. Meanwhile, the World Bank says that as many as 124 million people went into “extreme poverty,” the first time to increase in decades. Were lockdowns justified? The official data for 2020 does not show a statistically relevant increase in aggregate deaths. Instead, the global population increased by 1.05%!

This first episode of the Covidland series, The Lockdown, exposes the fraud behind the COVID numbers and explores the economic repercussions and human cost of lockdowns that will echo for generations.

Covidland 1: The Mask

In the summer of 2020, as governments began to ease their initial lockdown restrictions, bureaucrats worked in lockstep with the media to sway public opinion in favor of the general use of surgical and cloth face coverings. Facemasks became an everyday visual promotion of false wellbeing hysteria; a ruse for all to publicly participate in the collective contagion mindset. Unfortunately, kids worldwide are being forced to wear masks for extended periods despite the evidence that facemasks are ineffective, cause health problems, and induce psychological trauma.

This second episode of the Covidland series, The Mask, uncovers the real science behind face coverings and explores the physical and mental health impacts of facemasks.

Covidland 1: The Shot

The Covid hysteria began with slogans like “just 15 days to flatten the curve,” but within a year it evolved to be “everyone must get vaccinated.”

Your rights to the absence of coercion and informed consent are now under continual attack! People around the world are unable to get on planes and trains, access hospitals, attend funerals, go to restaurants and gyms, simply because they do not have a “health” pass, or because their pass is not kept up to date with yet another injection of poisonous gene therapies.

Meanwhile, millions of people are dying or suffering life-altering effects from the shots. Even in children, people are experiencing blood clots, neurological disorders, and cardiovascular diseases resulting from the shots.

But the carnage is exactly what the New World Order globalists want as they push forward their agenda for complete control and de-population.

Watch this third episode of the Covidland series to see the crimes against humanity laid bare.



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