Cult Of The Medics (Digital Files)

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Digital content includes: HOURS OF BONUS CONTENT along with Ch 1 - Ch 9 of Cult of the Medics

Cult of the Medics director has released hours of bonus content exclusively for our audience.

This is a unique version offering an expanded, ongoing investigation into the modern medical industrial complex, how it operates, and examines its ancient and occult origins.

The special version available to you contains the following additional presentations:

  • "Underworld"
  • "Pharmakaeia Exposed"
  • "The Invisible College Exposed" 
  • An up-close interview with Gary Wayne
  • Research notes pinpointing disastrous turns in medical history, and exclusive footage and discussions on how people are learning from these cataclysms to live freer and more awakened.

Strap yourself in. It is time we learn more about and explore one of the world’s most ancient and most powerful cults, that I refer to as “the cult of the medics.”

Find out how med colleges, hospital systems, biotech industries, drug companies, family planning, and government agencies are not what they seem on the surface, but built historically around the occult. Cult of the Medics' fascinating investigation delves into  the cult running the medical system and its impact on life as we know it.

We have the power to expose the medical cult to daylight. The tool of wisdom is in our hands for reclaiming our vital health and freedom!


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