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12 Brand New Disease In Reverse Bonus Episodes
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Full-Length Interviews with ALL 50+ Experts
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UNCENSORED, Expert-led Masterclasses (Online Access)
  • Wellness Restored: Effective Detox Protocols for Vaxx Recovery, Bioweapon Protection, and Optimal Healing ($497 total value - Yours FREE!)
  • Holistic Protocols for Successful Disease Reversal & Total Health Restoration ($397 total value - Yours FREE!)
  • Vital Organ Regeneration: Natural and Integrative Approaches for Healing and Restoration ($497 total value - Yours FREE!)
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5 Disease In Reverse eBooks
(Online Access)
  • Poisoned: A Deep Dive Into the Mass Bioweapon & Envenomation Agenda
  • Reclaiming Wellness: Expert Treatments to Thrive After COVID Bioweapon Damage
  • The Dirty Truth: Hidden Indoor Toxins That Are Making you Sick
  • HEAL YOUR HORMONES: Reverse Endocrine-Related Disease
  • Healing & Detox Recipe Secrets

Recordings of 2 Live Q&A Sessions with our TOP Doctors
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Investigative Medical Journalist & Esteemed Health Influencer, Jonathan Otto Brings You the LATEST, cutting-edge detox & healing methods from world-renowned doctors and health experts.

Jonathan Otto’s latest 12-part docuseries, Disease In Reverse

Disease In Reverse - Episode 1: Exposing Modern Bioweapons & Reversing their Deadly Effects
  1. Exposing Modern Bioweapons & Reversing their Deadly Effects
  • Breaking News: Dr. Henry Ealy reveals early research results about a biotoxin delivery system that’s even more deadly than mRNA, called plasmids.
  • Dr. Peter McCullough reveals why the C-19 “vaccine” is causing long, rubbery blood clots “from the ankle to the hip” – something NEVER seen before.
  • Top medical doctors are warning about an explosion in “turbo cancers” – where people who never had cancer, or who were in remission, suddenly develop aggressive, almost unstoppable cancers shortly after the jab.
  • How Big Pharma deliberately engineered the spike glycoprotein to reprogram our immune cells, our T-Cells, and white blood cells – tricking our body into thinking it’s not a threat and allowing it to wreak havoc.
2. Proven Protocols to Heal Disease from the Deadly Spike Glycoprotein
  • Discover the EXACT protocols our medical doctors are using to eliminate the venomous spike glycoprotein on their own patients
  • Our top specialists reveal which natural medicines can safely and effectively detox biotoxins from your body.
  • Learn how the jab damages our immune system – And how to reverse its destructive effects
  • How you can heal fibrous blood clots caused by the deadly spike glycoprotein – Our experts reveal what you need to know.
3. The True Causes of ALL Chronic Disease - And How to Reverse Them
  • Renowned cardiologist Dr. Thomas Levy reveals the shocking root causes of heart disease – It’s NOT what you’ve been told!

  • How the so-called “healthy” foods are actually creating disease-producing inflammation

  • Why your personal care and “cleaning” products are slowly poisoning your body

  • Your disease symptoms could likely be caused by mold or parasites – Our medical experts tell you how to safely detox them from your body
  • In Episode 3, Dr. Ed Group who explains in detail why Urotherapy is so effective…. 

  • Dr. Parks discusses the importance of maintaining membrane polarization, which refers to the balance and electrical signaling within cell membranes. 

  • Also Dr. Brian Hooker exposes the insidious efforts of the CDC to promote universal vaccination for all children according to their schedules. 

  • Dr. Justin Mosely discusses the influence of the mind on health and recovery….

4. Natural Medicines to Reverse Autoimmunity, Chronic Diseases & Cancer
  • Learn the RIGHT ways to detox your body from environmental toxins and from the biotoxins in the deadly jab
  • Discover the key treatments and protocols for parasitic infections - particularly for ones that just won’t clear and why this is happening
  • Cutting edge detox methods that everyone should be using to restore their health
  • Discover which natural medicines experts suggest you should always have on hand – And why they’re better than Big Pharma’s nasty drugs!

Episodes 5: Expert-Recommended Protocols to Heal COVID & Vaxx Injuries is now streaming at BrightU:
  • Dr. Bryan Ardis shares his latest research into healing your body from the venomous spike glycoprotein.
  • Treatments that can help reverse Long-COVID symptoms like brain fog, fatigue, respiratory issues, sleep problems, digestive issues, and more.
  • Dr. Henry Ealy reveals how to heal vaxx-induced mitochondrial damage – He’s a leader in this field.
  • Top doctors share their insights into how subclinical inflammation is related to the sudden surge of “excess deaths”.
Our hearts are heavy because so many have been victims of the horrific agenda of the Pharmaceutical complex - just so they could pump revenue…

And because there are so many people out there STILL suffering because they don’t know this information or these experts exist! 

I worry about how they’re getting helped.

But I am feeling joyful because those who have taken advantage of everything we and these incredible experts have shared are healing!!

That’s why Gloria’s story is just so important to me! She was able to fully restore her health after a severe post-vaxx injury! Hear more about it in Ep. 5!

“I got to tell my daughter that it's over for us, that I'm not sick anymore.”

“She's just so HAPPY.”

“She is just so amazingly happy and she talks with me all the time now and she comes around me all the time and she just wants to be around me and it's absolutely wonderful. We've been spending a lot of time together and having a lot of conversations and it just feels like it's the best thing ever.

However, before they reached this stage, Gloria had a horrible conversation with her daughter about what if something happened to her, whom she should live with, and what she should do!

Obviously, that made her daughter more worried and scared!

Listen to her entire story!

Also, don’t miss out on powerful healing advice from Dr. Henry Ealy… He really spoke to me!

“You'd have to get in the mentality of I'm just not going to quit. I'm not going to give up. You have to get into this mentality that no matter what, I will not surrender myself to this. When you take that mentality, what you're doing is saying "I don't know how long and hard the journey's going to be.”

When you have faith in GOD and in yourself, there’s nothing that can harm you!

God has made our bodies in a way that they can HEAL from even the most catastrophic disease.

You need to keep in mind when you are dealing with the bioweapon, there’s NO SHORTCUT and NO QUICK WAY!

You can start your healing journey with a few trusted and organic supplements of vitamins that are FREE from mRNA and CRISPR tech.

Plus more life-saving advice from Dr. Richard Urso…

An ophthalmologist, who also has a peculiar background in drug design. 

He shares a tale when he was called to weigh in on the whole pandemic early on in February 2020. And it was clear that the situation and its aftermath can be mitigated all at once!

But the drug and vaccine companies didn’t WANT that! 

The covid vaccine doesn’t only injure you emotionally, but also destroys the white blood cells making our immune system prone to all kinds of diseases!

“I usually refer to viruses and cancer cells, they have a lot of similarities. They're like aunts, uncles, and first cousins. They're not identical twins. There's a secret social life of competition among viruses. 

Some very interesting things that I think to people who do that kind of work seem very straightforward: that we would need a multi-drug cocktail to be successful.”

Watch Episode 5 to know what Dr. Richard Urso tells about HEALING with ivermectin.

Dr. John Witcher shares how he lost his job just because he refused to push the vaccines and take the shot!

YES, many doctors know that vaccines are harmful and can alter how your immune system works against the harmful substances!

However, there are very few who STAND UP AGAINST them!

You’ll also hear from Dr. Michael Carter talking about the natural killer cells and what can help you in increasing them!

Plus MUCH more!

You'll watch what doctors had to say about the HEALING journey!

6. Reverse Inflammatory Heart Disease & Vaxx-Induced Myocarditis
  • Cardiologist Dr. Thomas Levy reveals his top protocols for healing myocarditis – You can do them right at home.
  • Why Dr. Levy says vaxx-induced myocarditis is VERY different from “normal” myocarditis.
  • Why the top causes of heart disease are all related to the deadly vaxx bioweapon – And what you can do to restore your heart health.
  • Find out what happens to your heart post-vaxx and why it’s so important to detox your body as quickly as possible from the deadly spike glycoprotein.

Episode 7: Heal Your Mitochondria with Urotherapy & Cutting-Edge Regenerative Medicine
  • Dr. Ed Group reveals how urotherapy can heal your body from the deadly spike glycoprotein.
  • Top doctors recommend the most effective regenerative medicine protocols to heal your mitochondria and reverse disease.
  • Natural solutions for repairing damage to your mitochondria – “the fuel factories inside of each cell” – and healing cells throughout your body.
  • How medical doctors are using integrative energy medicine to heal the body and help reverse damage caused by the deadly spike glycoproteins.

Episode 8: Heal Your Mitochondria with Urotherapy & Cutting-Edge Regenerative Medicine
  • Top medical doctors explain why toxins are stored in fat cells when they are not properly eliminated – And how you can permanently detox them.
  • Discover powerful natural detoxes which bind to hard-to-remove toxins and easily eliminate them from your body.
  • Our experts reveal specific protocols you can do at home to completely detoxify your body – And why it’s vital to do the steps in the correct sequence.
  • Find out how truly destructive mold toxicity is to our health, why it’s much more common than we realize, and the natural treatments to safely detox it.

Episode 9: What Top Doctors Recommend for A Total Body Detox

  • Top expert-recommended protocols to detox your vital organs, safely and effectively
  • How you can detox your body from the toxins, heavy metals, molds, and venom-based insecticides found in our food supply.
  • Why a mental detox is every bit as important as a physical one – And the best strategies to accomplish this
  • How our immune system is the “ultimate control mechanism” for our hormones and nervous system
Episode 10: How to Bulletproof Your Natural Immune System & Beat Disease In Its Tracks
  • Dr. Ealy reveals why natural immunity is far superior to the deadly jab – Plus his recommendations for fortifying your immune system.

  • The top protocols for healing your gut and keeping your immune system ready for battle.

  • Which natural medicines are key to bolstering your immunity – You likely have them in your kitchen!

  • Discover how raised antibody levels from vaccines don’t mean increased immunity - And the REAL solutions to boosting immunity.
Episode 11: Uncovering Covert Attacks on Humanity & the Mass Envenomation Agenda
  • Newly unveiled bioweapon threats to our food supply

  • Life-saving protocols recommended by our top experts

  • Their latest diabolical plans to destroy fertility and control population

  • How to safeguard your family’s financial future from the coming economic collapse

Episode 12: Unveiling the Secrets to Living a Long Healthy Life
  • Why it’s vital to remove toxic people and media from your life

  • How to increase your “healthspan” – the number of years you live a healthy life

  • Which “life or death” molecule is responsible for the function of 500 enzymes – And how to boost it

  • How sleep plays such a crucial role in longevity – And ways to improve the quality of your sleep

In addition to all 12 expert detox and healing episodes above, Disease in Reverse also includes these additional 12 bonus episodes:

Bonus Episode 1. Uncovering Man-Made Bioweapons Posed as “Natural Diseases”: 
Where experts speak about the TRUTH about the bioweapon and how it is disguised as a disease!
  • How the deadly bioweapon vaxx is designed to mimic natural heart disease and heart attacks.
  • Why the massive surge in “turbo cancers” is just the tip of the iceberg.
  • How the population-control jab is destroying natural fertility, and causing devastating miscarriages and stillbirths.
  • Which bioweapon they are likely to release next – And how to prepare yourself for what’s coming.
  • Learn about the proven and most effective ways to recover from the deadly jab

Bonus Episode 2. How They Engineered the mRNA Gene-Vaccines to Clot and Kill

Inside Bonus Episode 2:
  • Dr. Henry Ealy reveals the mechanism behind “sticky blood” – And the natural protocols to help reverse it.

  • Dr. Peter McCullough shares the deadly myocarditis injuries he’s seeing for the first time in his career – Vaxx injuries are unprecedented.

  • Watch as Dr. Ardis explains how King Cobra's venom is being used in the “vaccines” as part of the depopulation agenda.

  • Dr. Mikovits discusses C0VlD targets specific cells based on surface sensors and the downregulation of interferon sensors, as well as the cloning of the virus in 2005, which preceded its isolation and led to patents. 

  • Dr. Bartlett explains how he used budesonide, along with aspirin and clarithromycin, as a highly effective treatment for COVID patients which shocked everyone.

  • Top doctors reveal the long, rubbery blood clots that are breaking off and traveling to the eyes and the brain.

  • The terrifying truth behind what happens to women and children when they receive this deadly bioweapon “vaccine”

  • We also have Dr. Michael Carter who explains the fascinating role of melatonin beyond its association with sleep!

    He explains that melatonin also possesses anti-inflammatory properties and can enhance natural killer cell activity.

    “Most people equate melatonin with sleep. Of course, it has a significant role in that, but melatonin also is anti-inflammatory, and it also helps to increase natural killer cell activity. So, there are a whole host of things that can be beneficial when it comes to treating that. What I've found is probably a good percentage of the patient's have a fairly decent result, 30, 40% of them.

    “But then, we bump up against those who are quite recalcitrant. But it really kind of goes to when I'm describing the deeper dive, of course, looking at the biomarkers, seeing where the inflammation is, we really want to look at gut health because Dr. Sabine Hazan, who is a gastroenterologist has shown that, especially after the shot, the microbiome is significantly compromised.”

    And that´s only a small fraction of all that is inside this incredible episode!

    We also had Dr. Tom Lewis, Dr. Thomas Levy, and Dr. Ben Marble ALL unveiling truths about the deadly spike glycoprotein….

    You won't find this ANYWHERE else.

Bonus Episode 3. Correcting the Biggest Myths and Misconceptions about Diseases & “Cures”

  • Discover the mechanism of inflammation in the body, how it’s a trigger for all chronic and autoimmune diseases, and the only way to effectively reverse inflammation and restore your health.
  • The crucial difference between natural medicine doctors and conventional Western doctors: Natural medicine practitioners focus on healing the root cause of disease instead of masking the symptoms with side-effect-laden drugs.
  • World-renowned natural health experts reveal which powerful nutrients, natural medicines, and detoxification protocols you can use to effectively reverse autoimmune disease.
  • Our medical doctors reveal why not all detox protocols are created equal – And the right way to safely and effectively remove toxins from your body.

Bonus Episode 4. Exploring Powerful Natural & Integrative Healing Strategies that Really Work

  • Top doctors reveal little-known natural protocols to optimize overall health by healing gut issues and fortifying the immune system.
  • Discover the most frequently recommended nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and other supplements used to protect and heal your body.
  • Our natural medicine doctors reveal simple dietary and lifestyle changes to optimize your mitochondrial health.
  • Find out how to reverse the root cause of life-altering diseases from our renowned integrative medicine doctors.

Bonus Episode 5. Harnessing the Power of Natural Medicines to Heal Bioweapon Injuries

  • Discover the natural protocols our medical experts are using to reverse life-altering diseases and to help their patients recover from Long-COVID and vaxx injuries.
  • Dr. Henry Ealy reveals safe and effective natural protocols to detox the deadly bioweapons from your body.
  • Why post-vaxx immune system dysregulation is leading to a surge of unchecked diseases – And what you can do to reverse the damage.
  • Our top medical doctors and naturopathic physicians reveal the exact treatments that are helping their patients restore their whole body health post-vaxx, post-COVID, and post-shedding exposure.
  • Dr. Daneil Nuzum explains the three primary control mechanisms, which affect the functioning of the whole body if one is affected!
  • Then Dr. Kim Thor explains the importance of sleep and how chiropractic treatment can help with healing from anything.
  • You will also meet Dr. Mark Sherwood and Robert Scott Bell helping you with natural medicines and practices to ease up the healing process!
Bonus Episode 6. Healing the Root Causes of Heart, Brain, and Gut Diseases
  • Our experts reveal which natural medicine protocols can heal leaky gut, prime the immune system, and reverse chronic, and often life-threatening autoimmune diseases.
  • Why poor gut health and an imbalance of microbes in the gut lining can cause chronic fatigue, mood swings, joint pain, and arthritis.
  • Discover the surprising root causes of disease-triggering inflammation – And the natural protocols to heal them instead of masking the symptoms with toxic drugs.
  • Important warnings about the consequences of untreated leaky gut – It can lead to chronic disease and even early death.

Bonus Episode 7. Effective Protocols to Detox & Disarm Bioweapons in Your System  

  • Dr. Henry Ealy talks about the dangers of genetic engineering, spike glycoprotein, and plasmids!

  • Dr. Brian Hooker unveils the importance of a scientific approach even to looking at criminal scenarios, and how a single harmful injection can have an adverse effect on the human mind making it inhumane.

  • Hear Dr. Tau Braun talk about the pharmaceutical complexes creating an artificial broth of already existing natural solutions to all diseases!

  • Gloria’s journey of healing through UROTHERAPY and see her doing it in real-time!

  • How urokinase – the number #1 drug to control blood clotting – is naturally found in urine.

  • Discover urine’s anti-poisonous and anti-inflammatory properties, among its over 3,500 different compounds.

  • Why Dr. Ed Group recommends urine as “the best skincare stem cell-based, living, raw skin regeneration product”.

  • Our experts discuss how doing water-only fasting allows your body to go into autophagy where you start creating stem cells. 
Bonus Episode 8. Unblock Your Body’s Natural Detox Pathways and Revitalize Your Health
  • Find out why a fatty liver is an indication that a liver cleanse is needed – And the most effective protocols for liver detoxification.
  • Dr. Daniel Nuzum explains why detoxing your gut and colon first are essential to unblocking your lymphatic system.
  • Discover the most effective “kidney nourishing foods” to help regulate kidney function.
  • How colon hydrotherapy is essential to good health, especially during periods of fasting.
Bonus Episode 9. Unblock Your Body’s Natural Detox Pathways and Revitalize Your Health
  • Which antioxidants our top doctors recommend for an effective liver detox.
  • How childhood vaccines can trigger autoimmune disease 40 years later.
  • The top foods to effectively detox your body’s natural detox pathways.
  • Why stress is so toxic to your body – And how to remove it from your life.
Bonus Episode 10. Fortify Your Body's Natural Defense System through Holistic Healing
  • Our experts share why healing your emotions is every bit as powerful as physical healing – And they reveal which strategies you can use to heal from trauma.
  • How essential oils can be used to heal chronic disease – And which oils are the most effective healers.
  • The incredible healing benefits of massage therapy on strengthening immunity by reducing stress, anxiety, and sleep problems.
  • Natural medicine practitioners reveal how energy medicine, low-level laser therapy, and red-light therapy can reverse inflammation and boost the immune system.
Bonus Episode 11. The Direct Impact of the Elites’ Inhumane Agenda on Your Health
  • New York nurse whistleblower’s first-hand account of hospital patients forced onto remdesivir “trials” against their will.
  • How hospitals silenced doctors and nurses who witnessed C0V!D patients being murdered.
  • How establishment doctors used fraudulent studies to ban hydroxychloroquine.
  • Why the FDA knowingly put out a tumor-causing virus in the polio vaccine – Leading to a sharp rise in soft tissue cancers decades later.

Bonus Episode 12. Fighting for Your God-Given Health & Medical Freedom
  • Discover how you can stand up for your medical and personal freedoms – Before the Global Government takes them away from you.
  • How the Elites are tracking our medical records, banking transactions, and online history – And what they plan to do with them.
  • Hear from medical freedom advocates who are fighting the One World Government’s agenda to supersede your right to choose your own doctors and healthcare providers.
  • Our experts share how God gives them the strength to fight against powerful forces that want to harm and control us.

Plus e-Books Included with the Episodes:

But there is a huge increase in the silencing and mysterious deaths of those who speak the truth!

Back in early 2022, the late Dr. Rashid Buttar pointed out how Luc Montagnier, who was a Nobel Laureate and considered to be the number 1 highest-rated virologist in the world, mysteriously died a month prior.

And if you think it couldn't be any weirder, here's what Dr. Buttar said about Dr. Kary Mullis, the inventor of the PCR test:

“He died in August of 2019, just a few months, you know. So, he dies in 2019, and then in October 2019, they had Event 201, the mock simulation for a worldwide pandemic caused by a coronavirus. 

And the following month in November of 2019, they had the perfection of the patent, that was issued to Pirbright corporation in Europe, which is controlled by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, 

Which issued a patent on COVID-19, not on a vaccine or on treatment, but on the virus itself on the pathogen itself, which, how can you do that? You can't patent a naturally recurring substance, right?”

This begs the question…. WHY is this happening?

If these so-called “vaccines” are so deadly (which they are), WHY would they be pushed and viscously try to silence those who stand in their way?

Dr. Rashid Buttar said it best….

I've always felt that it was something that was designed to reduce human population.”

You will learn all of this in more detail inside acclaimed investigative medical journalist, Jonathan Otto’s new eBook:

Poisoned: A Deep Dive Into The Mass Bioweapon & Envenomation Agenda

At zero cost…
Inside this value-packed ebook, you will learn:
  • The TRUTH behind the mass poisoning and its link to the Global Agenda
  • A deep dive into Dr. Rashid Buttar´s tragic story 
  • How the Global Governments are silencing those who speak out on the truth
  • The BEST ways to detox from vaccine poisoning before the effects worsen
  • Proven natural medicines for envenomation and how to effectively implement them
  • And more! 
You'll also get "Reclaiming Wellness":
Inside this valuable healing resource, you will:
  • Learn about the heavily censored, yet life-saving, medicine from the acclaimed Dr. Richard Bartlett
  • Discover the horrific impact of COVID “vaccines” on fertility, miscarriages, stillbirths…
  • Uncover the TRUTH about blood clotting “sticky blood” and deadly heart diseases caused by the Bioweapon attack
  • Learn more about the life-threatening effects of myocarditis post “vaccine” from the incredible Dr. Peter McCullough
In these times of increased stress and anxiety, we’re truly blessed to have so MANY natural medicines that can REVERSE disease and HEAL our body… 

Which is why Jonathan Otto interviewed Dr. Daniel Nuzum and many other top doctors and health experts, and gathered all of their valuable information to share with you in his BRAND NEW eBook HEAL YOUR HORMONES: Reverse Endocrine-Related Disease
In Heal Your Hormones, top medical experts reveal…
  • Which “critical molecule” Dr. Jack Wolfson recommends not only for prevention of any kind of virus but also the treatment
  • Explore effective methods to restore balance to the reproductive and endocrine system
  • Why hormonal imbalances can have a devastating impact on our overall health and well-being
  • Learn how nutrition plays a vital role in maintaining hormonal balance and supporting reproductive and endocrine health
Your download includes the eBooks "Poisoned," "Reclaiming Wellness," "Heal Your Hormones," and:
  • "Healing & Detox Recipe Secrets"
  • "The Dirty Truth"
"Healing and Detox Recipe Secrets" contains 63 nutrient-rich recipes that are both delicious AND detoxing

  • 4 Smoothie Recipes for Your Little Ones
  • 17 Recipes for Healing Smoothies and Juices
  • 6 Recipes for Nutrient-Rich All-Day Breakfast Bowls (aka “Super Bowls”)
  • 10 Recipes for Nourishing Salads and Detox Soups
  • 6 Recipes for Light and refreshing Wraps and Sandwiches
  • 11 Recipes for Healing and Detox Dinners
  • 8 Recipes for Healing Snacks and Detox Desserts

It’s also PACKED with health and wellness advice from top doctors including Dr. Daniel Nuzum and Dr. Joel Fuhrman

Throughout the entire "Disease in Reverse" docuseries (12 episodes), bonus episodes (12), and the eBooks filmmaker and humanitarian, you'll learn:
  • How to Protect Your Health Freedom Before the Global Elites Seize Control
  • Bullet-Proof: Natural ways for Strengthening to Avoid and Repair Myocarditis, Heart Attacks & Sudden Deaths 
  • Restoring Balance: Holistic Approaches to Repairing the Endocrine System and Enhancing Fertility
  • The Truths of the "Pandemic" and What’s to Come
  • Nature's Cure: Unveiling the Potency of Natural Remedies for Health and Balance
  • Ancient Wisdom, Modern Healing: Tapping into Natural Solutions for Optimal Wellbeing

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