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Powerful Secrets Behind Eastern Medicine Revealed To The Western World For The First Time . . .


You Won’t See This On HBO!

When most people think about Eastern Medicine, they instantly think of the Hollywood inspired version you might see on an HBO movie. Especially when it comes to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Their minds are flooded with images of a dark, seedy shop lined with shelves full of glass jars filled with mysterious contents. Each dusty jar labeled with faded, unreadable Chinese characters describing the dried plants and animal parts or bodies found inside.

And sitting behind the ancient wooden counter is a stereotypical older Chinese man sipping a steaming cup of herbal tea or smoking a pipe.

It’s not the type of image that instills any confidence in Eastern Medicine… and it might surprise you to know, it’s designed to make you think that way.

The truth is, Eastern Medicine doesn’t look like that and is just as advanced as Western Medicine. And in many cases, it is way more advanced!

As the power brokers of Western Medicine continue to silence anything that could jeopardize their stranglehold on the health system in the USA… Eastern Medicine has been flourishing and is coexisting in peace with Western Medicine to give patients the best outcomes possible. Especially when it comes to treating and beating cancer.

There is no “us” vs “them” mentality. The focus of Eastern Medicine is healing the patient with whatever treatment gives the patient the best chance to treat and beat cancer.

No one wants to hear a doctor's cancer diagnosis and feel terrified and powerless. But modern oncologists provide little hope to cancer patients… primarily because they’ve never been trained on how to effectively treat cancer, but rather they have learned how to treat the symptoms of cancer. Sadly, they have no real answers to cancer.

But there ARE real answers in this documentary... And you NEVER need to fear cancer again!
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Knowledge is power! It's true that the Gold Package of "Eastern Medicine: Journey Through Asia" offers tons of proven natural methods to prevent, treat, and even beat cancer. Ones you can benefit from right now.

While the documentary itself is jam-packed with cancer-fighting methods, we just couldn't fit everything from the interviews into it. We're talking over 47 hours here!

So we had to pick and choose. But that doesn't mean that what was left out wasn't valuable. You'll be fascinated by what you'll learn in these interviews.

Just like the “director’s cut” of a blockbuster movie where you get to see the scenes that didn’t make it into the final movie and ended up on the “cutting room floor,” there was a lot of valuable information that didn’t make it into the docuseries itself.

That's why we included ‘THE WHOLE ENCHILADA’ in the “Eastern Medicine” Gold Package, which includes...

  • All 62 full-length, uncut expert interviews
  • The 777-page eBook of all 62 expert transcripts
  • Personal interviews with Dr. Josh Axe, Jordan Rubin, and Dr. Edward Group about Eastern Medicine
  • Bonus videos of the TTAC team touring a Singapore University herb garden
  • Bonus video of the farewell from Bangkok at a restaurant called “Insects in the Backyard” where the TTAC team recaps the entire journey through Asia

This is arguably the most comprehensive documentary series that has ever been produced on cancer treatments.

So, you may be wondering what motivated us to produce such a groundbreaking film.

We’re on a MISSION to share the TRUTH.

As you may or may not know, we are Ty and Charlene Bollinger, the founders of “The Truth About Cancer®.” And our mission is to help people like you get the information you need to make the best decisions in regard to your health. Especially when cancer is involved.

The motivation for our mission comes from personal loss. Back in 1995, when we were married, we were surrounded by our family and loved ones. But six months into our marriage, we started to lose our family and loved ones to a despicable disease.

It all started when we suffered the devastating loss of Ty’s father, Graham Bollinger, to cancer (although looking back, we realize it wasn’t cancer that killed him… it was a botched surgery).

But it didn’t stop there. Six months later we lost Ty’s Granddad Bollinger, then Ty’s Uncle Joel, and also Ty’s cousin Glenn… all to cancer. That was all within the first year of our marriage.

Then we lost Ty’s Grandma Helen, followed by the loss of Papa DE. The pain was unbearable. But when we lost Ty’s mother and Charlene’s “mother-in-love,” Jerry Jean Bollinger Taylor in 2004, also to cancer, it was the straw that broke the camel’s back! And that pain was unfathomable!

Through our research, we learned that there were treatments and information that would have helped us (and our loved ones) if we had it earlier. And although it was too late for us in many ways… it could still help everyone else.

The problem was, the treatments weren’t in America.

So, we traveled to where all these treatments started thousands of years ago… ASIA!

There was so much great information, we decided to share what we discovered in books and documentaries. That way we could help more people around the world.

You may have heard of them or seen them… “Cancer: Step Outside the Box,” “The Quest for Cures,” “The Quest for Cures Continues,” and “The Truth About Cancer®: A Global Quest.”

And since we did those documentaries, we have been inundated with requests to travel to Asia and share in more detail how they treat cancer there.

So, we did.

All Aboard The Orient Express…

We traveled to 7 Asian countries in search of the “hidden” healing power of Eastern Medicine.

We went to Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and finally India... and as we journeyed from country to country, we interviewed 68 of the top experts (doctors, scientists, and researchers) and uncovered how they treat and beat cancer.

And the good news is we filmed it all! Every single bit. (Including when we were told to get off the street in Japan and when we thought that one of our camera crew might have been abducted!)

It’s raw, real, and eye-opening. This documentary is a treasure-trove of cancer-fighting information.

Revealing “Hidden” Cancer Treatments From Asia

“Eastern Medicine: Journey Through Asia” is a documentary like no other.

This 7-episode documentary explores the hidden world of Eastern Medicine and brings it to our Western World.

The "Hidden" Secrets Of Eastern Medicine Revealed At Last

As you watch this powerful documentary, you’ll have unprecedented access to experts and information no one has had before. Each episode concentrates on one Asian country where they are having huge success in treating and beating cancer.

Here’s what you’ll experience in each episode:

EPISODE 1   |   JAPAN “Land of the Rising Sun”

In our first episode, come and join the team as they explore Japan and discover the truth about the history of chemotherapy and how “chemo” was originally based on the devastating mustard gas used in the world wars.

Discover a unique form of water and emotional therapy that reversed brain cancer in one of Japan’s most prolific movie producers, while learning about the amazing cancer-fighting protocol developed by a Nobel Prize winner whom Dr. Albert Schweitzer called, “One of the most eminent geniuses in medical history.”

You’ll have access to secret knowledge about fermented Traditional Chinese Medicine herbs and unique Japanese fungi that are being used to reverse late-stage cancer, and you’ll be inspired by interviews with 2 “terminal” cancer patients, and how they used completely different protocols, but both are alive to tell their story! And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

EPISODE 2   |   TAIWAN “The Beautiful Island”

In Episode 2, the team travels to Taiwan where they discover unique cancer diagnostic methods being utilized in Taiwan, as well as the history of Traditional Chinese Medicine, as communicated to them by a university professor who is also on the board of a pharmaceutical company!

Learn about the importance of circulation, the energy meridians, and the “12 harmonics” and about how to effectively use herbs as an “epigenetic switch” to prevent cancer. Be enlightened by a fascinating discussion about how the “particle vs. wave” debate relates to cancer treatments in Taiwan, and get ready to be introduced to an indigenous fungus that is being used across the country to reverse cancer.

You’ll discover the best exercise for circulation and cancer prevention – it’s NOT rebounding – and will be amazed when you learn about a “special acupuncture” that has been shown to eliminate cancer stem cells with a 99% success rate as well as a unique detoxification method utilizing unique ingredients from the mountains of Chiayi, Taiwan. Last but not least, you’ll find out what common dental procedure is related to 97% of breast cancer. And lots more!

EPISODE 3   |   PHILIPPINES “Pearl of the Orient Seas”

In Episode 3, join the team as they travel to the Philippines and discover how laughter, dance, and music are being used to treat patients in the Philippines, and be amazed when you discover a “dirt cheap” protocol that has been used successfully with over 10,000 patients in the Philippines for only a few dollars per day!

Watch a fascinating interview with the former health minister of the Philippines showing how to harness the power of the mind in cancer healing, and learn about unique stem cell therapy that is being used to reverse liver cancer and even regrow the liver. Discover a “special flower” that is being used to treat cancer (a flower that is the main ingredient in 2 different chemo drugs).

Be inspired as you watch the story of a lady who was bleeding from her eyes, nose, and rectum until she met a “miracle doctor.” She is now 87 years old and cancer-free! And meet the doctor whose father developed a unique cancer diagnostic test based upon the amount of hCG in the urine. (But Western Medicine only uses it for pregnancy tests!)

EPISODE 4   |   SINGAPORE “The Lion City”

In Episode 4, the team travels to Singapore where they meet a highly functioning autistic medical doctor who set out to cure cancer when he was 14 and his mother died of cancer... Amazing! See his cutting-edge devices that measure “energy flow” and have proven “energy medicine” to be scientific.

Learn how early warning markers are being used to stop cancer before it ever happens, and take a tour through a university “herb garden” where hundreds of anti-cancer herbs are being grown... and given to cancer patients absolutely free!

Discover how anti-malarial drugs are beings used to reverse late-stage cancer, as well as the power of indigenous herbs, roots, and grasses that have anti-cancer properties. Learn from a doctor (who is also an engineer) about how you can “charge your body’s battery” to prevent cancer, and also how to create a “safe home.” and lots more!

EPISODE 5   |   MALAYSIA “The Land of Indigenous Malay”

In Episode 5, join the team as they travel to Malaysia where they meet an oncologist whose life was changed when his 73-year-old aunt with “terminal” cancer refused chemo and chose natural therapy... and is still alive! Discover what natural treatments she utilized.

Learn the methods of testing for cancer stem cells and how to eliminate them with specific natural substances and herbs that have “selective toxicity” to cancer cells. Discover the most important hormones to balance in order to remain cancer-free and learn about the importance of testing for cancer stem cells and eliminating them with specific natural substances and herbs.

Watch how micronutrient therapy and homeopathy are being used in tandem at a cancer clinic in Kuala Lumpur, and see how two types of mistletoe therapy are being used successfully to reverse even late stage cancer. And that’s just the beginning!

EPISODE 6   |   THAILAND “The Land of Smiles”

In Episode 6, the team travels to Thailand where they discover a clinic in Phuket using a raw vegan ketogenic diet for all their patients, with amazing success! You’ll see an interview with a trailblazing doctor who is using intravenous botanicals (like curcumin, quercetin, and Boswellia) to reverse cancer.

Learn about the 3 "heavy hitter" plant chemicals and botanicals that can literally ‘turn off’ cancer in your body, and discover a cutting-edge therapy that's painless and kicks on your body's healing mechanisms to fight cancer using the power of oxygen.

Be amazed when you learn how an anti-malarial drug is being used in treatment protocols due to its anti-cancer effects, as well as two medical pioneers who are using “noble gases” to detoxify the lymphatic system. And be inspired when you watch an interview with a lady from Finland who came to Thailand to be treated for her thyroid cancer – and is now cancer free!

EPISODE 7   |   INDIA “The Land of Jambu Trees”

In our final episode, the team interviewed seven amazing doctors from India, who shared with them how homeopathy has now been tested and measured with a state-of-the-art microscope and proven to be “evidence-based medicine.” They discovered 8 specific homeopathic remedies being used to treat cancer.

Learn exactly how to combine certain minerals to produce a hormone that prevents cancer... while you’re sleeping! Discover how a common “Christmas decoration” is being successfully used as a cancer monotherapy and is actually the third most researched cancer treatment in the world (behind chemo and radiation).

Already receiving chemotherapy? No worries! You’ll learn which herbs and spices can help improve your body's response to chemotherapy and protect against the side effects of the treatment. Be inspired by encouraging interviews with cancer conquerors who are alive to tell their amazing stories!

And hear final words from the TTAC team as they reflect on their journey through Asia!

The Power To Choose

The information above is just a small taste of the huge treasure trove of cancer-fighting information provided in “Eastern Medicine: Journey Through Asia.”

Using this know-how, you can:

Prevent Cancer - Take recommended steps to keep yourself and your loved ones from ever getting cancer in the first place.

Treat Cancer - If you already have a diagnosis, you can take advantage of natural methods either in addition to conventional medical treatment or instead of those treatments, charting your own course. You'll have choices and the power that comes with them. You'll also be able to help and guide your family members and other loved ones if they are diagnosed with cancer.

Heal From Cancer
 - If you've already undergone treatment and are declared “cancer-free,” you can use the information in this documentary to help your body heal. There's information about how to keep the cancer from coming back. There are also methods to heal your body from the toxic effects of conventional treatments like chemotherapy and radiation.

Beat Cancer - If you've been told by your doctor that there's nothing more they can do, you know how devastating that is to hear. But there's always hope! There are countless scientifically proven ways to beat "hopeless" cancer cases that are covered in “Eastern Medicine: Journey Through Asia.”

The Experts We Met Along The Way…

We met with and interviewed 68 of the top experts on the use of Eastern Medicine to treat and beat cancer in Asia.

They are some of the smartest and most generous people we have met. They held nothing back as they revealed the treatments they use and how the therapies they use are now backed up with evidence-based research.

Now there is no doubt that Eastern Medicine works.

Hear It From The Experts

“If you don’t know what else to do, you will only end up doing what you have known, or what you have learned, but sometimes it is good to have an open mind and explore, because there is nothing to lose by exploring whether natural treatments work instead of having a closed mind. And just because it’s not taught to us in medical school, just because it is not mentioned in medical textbooks, it doesn’t mean it’s not true.” DR. SELVAM RENGASAMY, MBBS, FRCOG
“Western medicine views your body as if it were many separate parts, but Chinese medicine views the entire body as a related, harmonious whole. This is why TCM works so well.” DR. HUANG CHIEN-JUNG, MD

“Actually, if you look for ‘evidence-based medicines,’ chemotherapy shouldn’t be used at all. Evidence-based? It’s not effective. It’s not so good. It’s ineffective, you know, a lot of patients die.” DR. RAYMOND YUEN, MD
And Here Are Some Of The Cancer Champions We Met…

“If you have the cancer, I’ll tell you what, be happy first. Make sure that you want to live. If you want to live, then you will fight. Trust me, because for me I want to live, and I fight.” SARINYA L. GUTIERREZ

“Two years ago, I was diagnosed with uterine cancer sarcoma, a very aggressive type of cancer… After 6 months on the ketogenic diet, my skin became vibrant, and my hair (which fell out from chemo) grew back. I feel very strong now! I’m very happy. My family now admits that I was right!” YUKA MURANAKA

“I was diagnosed with sarcoma. We actually lost hope… I was operated on by the doctors, and then, after the operation, they actually treated me with… mistletoe therapy. Cancer is curable… Don’t lose your hope.” RAMESH JOSHI


As you know, the advancement of treatments, therapies, and prevention of cancer won’t be accomplished through mainstream and Big Pharma-funded facilities. It will be accomplished by the brilliant minds and scientists that are taking the risk of thinking and acting outside the box.

That's why we're donating a portion of the proceeds to amazing charities like The Independent Cancer Research Foundation (ICRF), Cancer Control Society, and The Nicholas J Gonzalez Foundation. Plus we also support charities like Healing Strong and Cancer Crackdown that help support patients as they go through treatments on their way to healing.

We've donated almost half a million dollars over the past 5 years and we continue to support charities that do real cancer research and help patients across the globe. Please know that when you support our mission, you're supporting an organization that was built on the foundation of honoring God through caring and giving.

Order "Eastern Medicine: Journey Through Asia" Gold Package Today
And You’ll Get:

All 7 Full-Length Episodes of “Eastern Medicine: Journey Through Asia”

Each episode is dedicated to a specific country and the way they use Eastern Medicine to successfully treat and beat cancer. And the best part is, they do it all without harming the body.

Complete Easy to Read Transcripts of Each Episode

You can enhance your viewing experience with written transcripts for each episode. Every word has been caught in the 254 pages, so you never miss a thing.

MP3 Audio Recordings of Each Episode

You’ll have the audio recording so you can listen to them on your commute or while you exercise. That way you’ll get all the valuable information without needing to watch the video.

“143 Diagnostics, Detox & Treatment Protocols” eBook

This book is an invaluable quick reference guide of all the treatments, detoxes, and diagnostics our experts spoke about in the documentary.

62 Full-Length Uncut Expert Videos & MP3 Audios

You’ll have all the raw, unedited interviews on Video and MP3, so you don’t miss a single word.

777 Page Transcript eBook of Experts

This is the transcript of the 62 full-length uncut expert interviews.

Plus These FREE Bonus Gifts

FREE Bonus Video Interview – Dr. Josh Axe & Jordan Rubin discuss Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda

FREE Bonus Video Footage
 – Tour of the Singapore University herb garden

FREE Bonus Video Interview 
– Dr. Edward Group discusses Eastern Medicine

FREE Bonus Video Footage
 – Farewell from Bangkok at a restaurant called “Insects in the Backyard” where the TTAC team recaps the entire journey through Asia

“When you are told you have cancer, my God, you get so scared, you’ll panic. Why do we get so scared? Why do we panic? Because we know the doctors don’t know how to cure cancer. If they knew, nobody would get scared.” DR. JAIME E. DY-LIACCO, DNM

“It’s been proven that prayer actually can help heal people. Not only pray for yourself, praying for others can actually heal other people. There’s studies there, it’s called intercessory prayer. If you look at that, it will show you how fantastic prayers, meditation help, not only for you but for those who you pray for.” DR. HOMER LIM, MD

Cancer can strike fear into the hearts of even the strongest person.

And the reason most people fear cancer in the Western World is because doctors only know how to treat the symptoms … not cure the cancer.

But in Asia where Eastern Medicine is used extensively, they don’t have the same fear of cancer as we do. And it’s because their doctors know how to treat and beat cancer.

This is why it’s so important that you know what options are available to you… all of your options!

And in Eastern Medicine, there’s an abundance of life-saving options available to you. Everything you need to know about treating and beating cancer with Eastern Medicine is in “Eastern Medicine: Journey Through Asia.”

We wish we had this information before we lost so many irreplaceable, much-loved family members to cancer.

But we take comfort in knowing that as we reveal and share the truth about cancer… we give others hope and empower them to know that “Cancer is not a death sentence. There is always hope.”

Please join the movement and support our mission. And remember…

Cancer doesn’t need to be a death sentence.

Ty & Charlene Bollinger

P.S. Order "Eastern Medicine: Journey Through Asia" today – you'll be glad you did.

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