Healing for the A.G.E.S.

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Welcome to the ‘Conference of the Century'!

Healing for the A.G.E.S. with Brighteon University includes outstanding research presentations from Drs. Ardis, Group, Ealy, & Schmidt. Our Big 4 Natural Healers discuss topics that Big Pharma DEFINITELY doesn't want you to know about.

Drs. Ardis, Group, Ealy, and Schmidt, in partnership with Brighteon University, are excited to bring you the "Conference of the Century"!

Do you want to know the hard truth about COVID? This inaugural event aims to move adult conversations regarding bioweapons forward based upon peer-reviewed research and real-world clinical experience acquired while working with people severely injured by COVID shots as well as the lab-created SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Are you one of those who suffered from the health effects of the COVID shots? Have you been feeling sickly these days? In this 9-part docuseries, Drs. Ardis, Group, Ealy, and Schmidt, will give you answers for all of that.

Join us and dive in to the terrifying truths hidden from us by Big Pharma to continue their agenda toward total population control, while learning trusted and effective ways to heal from and dismantle their bioweapons.

The Age of Bioweapons
 – Did you know that what we’ve been trained to call ‘pollution’ or ‘toxins’ are actually bioweapons according to the Department of Defense and peer-reviewed literature? In this presentation you will learn what bioweapons are and gain insights from the peer-reviewed literature into the following questions.
  • Can a Mammalian Cell produce Cobra Toxin?
  • What effect do EMFs have upon Cells?
  • How long can a Weaponized Microbiome produce Spike Glycoprotein?
  • Can solutions 'Bee' found?
Presented By – Dr. Bryan Ardis, Dr. Ed Group, Dr. Henry Ealy, Dr. Jana Schmidt

Key Body Systems & The Signs Something Is Wrong – We all know that God, the Almighty Who Art In Heaven & Hallowed Is His Name, designed our amazing bodies to heal… but how? Learn the key systems of your amazing body and how God designed you divinely to heal. Learn the language your body speaks to tell you something is wrong, so you never need to live a moment in fear.
Presented By – Dr. Jana Schmidt – Naturopathic Doctor & Founder www.JanasAllNatural.com

Understanding Your Body’s Self-Healing Mechanism – What causes disease? Is it an unavoidable consequence of aging or is healing something completely within your control when you understand how bioweapons pollute your internal and external environments? Learn how to LOVE your Liver in this incredible presentation.
Presented By – Dr. Ed Group – Chiropractic Doctor & Founder www.GlobalHealing.com

The Secret Universe In Your Cells – Your body is made up of an estimated 37.2 TRILLION cells that work in complete harmony (when you’re healthy) with an estimated 400 TRILLION cells that make up your microbiome. Inside of each cell is an amazing universe of God’s Divine Design. Mitochondria producing energy, Lysosomes providing immunity, and all activated by the Art of Fasting and Organic Living. Learn why Hunger is Healing and how the Covid shots lead to blood clots in this fascinating presentation.
Presented By – Dr. Henry Ealy – Naturopathic Doctor & Founder www.EnergeticHealthInstitute.org

‘Chewing To Pooping’ What Happens When You Eat – America sucks when it comes to healthcare, because it’s immensely profitable to keep We The People is a state of disease from the cradle to the grave. Learn what real doctors have known about the ‘common sense’ of natural healing since the age of Hippocrates. Discover the art of 'chewing' and what your poo tells you about your health in this incredible presentation.

Presented By – Dr. Bryan Ardis – Chiropractic Doctor & Founder www.thedrardisshow.com

Plants, Bees, & All The Naturals – For Every Illness There Is An Herb – Ever heard of Plumbago? Do you know what Sassafras does for your blood and digestion? What about great herbs for the kiddos? And did you know that GOD is literally in Bee Propolis & Honey & Pollen? There’s so much amazing healing potential in nature that you could try something new everyday for your entire life. Let that sink in as you enjoy this wonderful presentation.
Presented By – Dr. Jana Schmidt – Naturopathic Doctor & Founder www.JanasAllNatural.com
How To Defeat Parasites, Nanotech, & EMFs Linked To Bioweapons – ‘I live in America, I can’t have parasites!’ This is the common refrain that’s always wrong when stated by white coats protecting the Pharmaceutical industry. Do you sleep with your favorite fuzzy babies? Drink tap water? Eat foods with yeast? Then parasitic exposure is a virtual certainty and only made worse by 5G EMFs and America’s excessive consumption of refined sugar. Learn all the practical and HIGH EFFECTIVE things you can do to rid yourself of these horrible life-sucking organisms being used by nanotech to support the transhumanistic agenda.
Presented By – Dr. Ed Group – Chiropractic Doctor & Founder www.GlobalHealing.com

Disabling Bioweapon Delivery Systems – The Nazi's had a dream, or rather a nightmare. The Nazi's saw a world under their evil control, but how? Through control of waterways & mass vaccination. Those same Nazi's were brought into the United States by Allen Dulles, given unlimited funding, and told to continue their work. Today you are living in the maturation of their research. From heavy metals and pesticides to bacteria and yeast weaponized by lab created plasmids, being healthy is a daunting task… but it is possible when you learn how to disable primary bioweapon delivery systems such as tap water. Learn how to turn bioweapon tap water into pure, structured, holy water in this seminal presentation.
Presented By – Dr. Henry Ealy – Naturopathic Doctor & Founder www.EnergeticHealthInstitute.org

Testing For & Beating Their Venom-Laced Bioweapons – Ask your doctor if snake venom is right for you. Or take a tour through this amazing presentation on Nicotine, Cinnamon, Licorice Root, and a host of other natural remedies for Spike Glycoprotein. Then go deeper into testing for phosphodiesterases and learn how to interpret D-Dimer results and their connection to snake envenomation. Dr. Ardis has been vilified for revealing what is the worst kept secret in the cancer industry… the use of venom as a ‘solution’ for the cancer created by their bioweapons. His detractors have clamored for proof… well here it is for anyone who has the courage to see in this undeniable presentation that you won’t be able to unsee.
Presented By – Dr. Bryan Ardis – Chiropractic Doctor & Founder www.thedrardisshow.com

Healing for the A.G.E.S. Digital Package is only available at Brighteon University -- with BONUS MATERIAL

The majority of mainstream media do not want you to know about these truths. Due to media censorship, we have gone above and beyond to share with you Healing for the A.G.E.S. with Brighteon University.

This conference is the brainchild of Dr. Bryan Ardis' The Dr. Ardis Show in collaboration with Dr. Edward Group, GlobalHealing.com, Dr. Henry Ealy, EnergeticHealthInstitute.org, and Dr. Jana Schmidt, JanasAllNatural.com.
Make a donation now by purchasing the Digital Package - Healing For The A.G.E.S. Natural Health & Healing Conference.

This package includes the following:

18 videos:
  • Bonus Masterclass and Conference welcome
  • Complete videos of the Conference and the Q&As
  • Closing Gratitude
Exclusive copy of each of our Big 4 Natural Healers' presentations:
  • 8 presentation PDFs
Bonus Material:
  • 1 copy of the student workbook
  • Bonus copy of The Hope of All-Natural Plasmid Curing Compound

What's in the student workbook, you might ask?
It is packed with information that you might miss during the conference, such as:

  • A brief history of bioweapons
  • List and guide on bioweapon delivery systems and "their" domination blueprint
  • Useful key terms for the conference

14-day healing is a guide to live a healthier lifestyle, away from these bioattacks. Check out the preview below.

Like what you see? There's more.

Inside The Hope of All-Natural Plasmid Curing Compound you will learn about:

  • A definitive guide on plasmid curing compounds
  • The use of phytocompounds against problematic groups of multidrug-resistant bacteria
  • Using phythochemicals as alternative antimicrobials
  • The treatment of local tissue damage caused by snake venoms
  • How to reverse antibiotic resistance
And so much more.

Own your digital copy of Healing For The AGES Natural Health & Healing Conference for only $199. Be enlightened. Be healthy. Be healed.

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