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To resolve chronic pain, it is essential to identify and address its root cause.

It begins with understanding what pain is and why some people are more vulnerable to it than others. Finding a strategy that works for you is imperative, as everyone’s path toward disease and healing is unique.

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Here’s what you can get from the Healing Pain: Root Causes & Solutions Masterclass Package:
  • 15 Expert Presentations:
         - 15 video presentations with transcripts (pdf) & audio files
  • 10 Exclusive BONUS Presentations with transcripts (pdf) and audio files
         - Understanding Pain from the Gut Perspective by Dr. Tom O'Bryan
         - The Biomechanics of Pain by Jonathan Landsman
         - How to Accept the Challenge to Heal by Dr. Gregory Damato
         - The Unconscious Pain Body by Sayer Ji
         - The Regenerative Power of Sleep by Sayer Ji
         - High Tech Supplements vs. Low Tech Food by Sayer Ji
         - Detoxify Your Pain Away by Sayer Ji
         - How Optimal Health is Nature’s Painkiller by Sayer Ji
         - The Many Levels of Pain by Sayer Ji
         - Powerful Pain Healing Properties of Noni by Sayer Ji
  • 6 BONUS eBooks (pdf)
         - The Dark Side of Wheat
         - Regenerative Powers of Turmeric
         - 12 Reasons to Use Black Seed Oil
         - 100+ Natural Approaches to Pain: GreenMedinfo Research Report
         - 11 Ways to Detoxify Your Mind and Body
         - Free Yourself From Chronic Pain

In this comprehensive masterclass, Sayer Ji and 10 of our favorite experts weigh in and provide you with their own stories on healing pain and guide you to tools and resources that address pain from a holistic viewpoint.

Presented herein are the themes to be explored:
A Spiritual Perspective on Pain - Sayer Ji reflects on the origins of psychospiritual pain that manifests in the body as disease and discomfort.
  • The roots of pain are in non-physical, subconscious, and ancestral experiences.
  • Unresolved emotions cause stuck emotions, manifesting as physical abnormalities and disease.
  • Believing in your body's natural ability to regenerate is the first step towards healing.

Connecting the Dots of Chronic Pain - Dr. Sachin Patel discusses the full spectrum of pain, and how a whole-person approach is key to true healing.
  • How do physical, emotional, and spiritual pain interconnect?
  • How does your posture affect pain?
  • Plant medicines useful for deeper healing.
  • Breathwork for pain reduction.

Transcending Your Relationship with Pain - Eli Buren discusses the necessity of learning how to feel and experience the four bodies; Mental, Physical, Spiritual, and Emotional.
  • The biographical relationship and your personal history with pain.
  • How to free stuck emotions.
  • How to share suppressed emotions and trauma with others.
The Chronic Pain of Wheat - Sayer Ji explains the role of lectins from grains, seeds, and other foods in creating inflammation and chronic illness.
  • Lectin glycoprotein, the invisible thorn.
  • Grass (and grass seeds) are for cows, not for people.
  • Wheat gluten targets joint pain.
  • What is behind your chronic disorder?

Grains, Inflammation, and Pain - Dr. Peter Osborne breaks down the details of diet, chronic pain, and inflammation.
  • How does gluten intolerance affect more than just the gut?
  • Inflammation and its role in malnutrition.
  • Gluten in other foods is just as detrimental to your health.
  • Dietary protocols for healing.

Strategies to Live Pain-Free - Dr. Eric Berg shares a broad spectrum of pain prevention and relief topics from biomechanics to diet.
  • What is referred to as pain and how does it affect you?
  • How to support your digestion and gut health?
  • Learn the strategy for doing-it-yourself pain relief.

The Farmacopia Beyond Painkillers - Sayer Ji looks at the valuable role pain plays in our healing process and discusses natural alternatives to pharmaceutical painkillers.
  • Painkillers kill more than pain, they kill parts of your body.
  • A brief look at deadly pharmaceuticals.
  • Listen to the pain and unlock the power to heal from within.
  • Use turmeric, curcumin, and the ancestral diet to heal.

Doctor Yourself and C Your Pain Disappear - Dr. Andrew Saul provides the fascinating history of the efficacy of Vitamin C and other nutrients in healing pain.
  • How does high-dose nutrition therapy affect pain?
  • Is ascorbic acid beneficial?
  • How to determine beneficial dosages.
  • The power of vegetable juicing.

The Parasitic Pain Body - Jonathan Otto discusses how parasites could be the root cause of your physical and emotional pain including chronic pain fatigue, depression, and anxiety.
  • How to find the best anti-parasitic regime for you.
  • How to prevent parasites from causing you pain.
  • How detoxification can reduce chronic pain.

Comfort Your Body & Soul with Epsom Salt Baths - Sayer Ji explains how hot baths with Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) are not only enjoyable but also vital for pain relief and self-care.
  • Baths remind our bodies of the womb.
  • Create a feeling of safety for your body to relieve pain.
  • Magnesium is essential for many bodily functions.

Release Pain and Reclaim Your Pelvic Power - Isa Herrera shares how women (and men!) can improve their pelvic floor health and reduce pelvic pain.
  • Why is tension the root of pelvic pain and associated dysfunction?
  • Exercises to address your pelvic pain.
  • What can you do to prevent pelvic pain?
  • How do trigger points affect the pelvic floor?

Essential Oils and the Power of Forgiveness - Dr. Eric Zelinski shares some of his top experiences with essential oils and their ability to transform pain into healing.
  • Understanding when to use oils topically vs. internally.
  • Debunking the myths surrounding essential oils and addressing safety protocols.
  • Specific oils have specific purposes: fever, joint pain, skin irritations.
  • How does the power of forgiveness reduce physical pain within the body?

Pain With A Cherry On Top - Sayer Ji, unveils the incredible healing powers of cherries and how you can incorporate them into your healing process.
  • More effective than ibuprofen in relieving inflammation and pain.
  • The rich red color is full of antioxidants.
  • The best natural form of melatonin.

Turn On Health, Turn Off Pain - GreenMedInfo’s very own Dr. Joel Bohemier explains the process to turn off pain and turn on your health.
  • How to create a health plan that provides optimal outcomes.
  • The under-reported dangerous effects of NSAIDs.
  • How movement is medicine.

Pain is the Teacher - Paul Chek shows us that pain is our greatest teacher and is calling us to pay attention.
  • Mental/emotional pain mirrors itself in physical pain.
  • Useful stress vs. distress.
  • How to identify the true source of your pain and let your body guide you back to health.
Join us in finding ways to heal pain naturally. Get the complete Healing Pain: Root Causes & Solutions Masterclass Package at Brighteon University today.

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