Human Pharming (Digital File)

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The pharmaceutical industry promised to deliver the world from disease, suffering, and death – but has it delivered on that promise? Through the appearance of what the industry calls "progress," the public been deceived about the achievements of allopathic medicine.

HUMAN PHARMING evaluates the failures, counts the body bags, and follows the money in this damning exposé that will make you rethink everything you thought you knew about the medical industry.

More than a century has passed since wealthy magnates began conspiring to bastardize the healthcare industry from natural to synthetic. This series is not vague about the details – it walks you through the hijacking step by step and leaves no stone unturned. HUMAN PHARMING starts its journey with John Davison Rockefeller, who is likely responsible for more deaths than any other human who ever lived. From there, this series digs up the roots of the modern healthcare system and the evidence of a global conspiracy to keep humanity sick and dependent on drugs.

HUMAN PHARMING examines the nefarious alliance that has emerged between the medical industry and the very institutions that are supposed to regulate it. This series follows the money, the statistics, and the people behind this system of death.

Revolving doors will get you in, and a body bag will get you out. Written by Adam Riva, HUMAN PHARMING looks at the dodgy origins, modern scandals, and frightening failures of the pharmaceutical industry and its unholy union with the state and the media.

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