Know Your Medical Rights (Digital File)

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Did you know that you have MEDICAL RIGHTS that CANNOT be denied? Learn all the details about the PATIENT’S BILL OF RIGHTS, what to do before you get medical care, what to do if you or a loved one are denied care, and how and where to file complaints so you can get the protection and relief you are due.

This 2-hour seminar includes an instructional video by medical rights expert Peggy Hall, including how to file a detailed complaint letter that you can use in any situation, whether at a hospital, clinic, eye doctor, dentist, etc.

Learn exactly where and how to file complaints, and with which agencies, when your rights are violated and how to STOP the UNLAWFUL DISCRIMINATION in your medical care! 

Bonuses content included in addition to the course video:

Outline of Seminar Topics pdf

Sample Medical Complaint Letter .doc and .pdf

FDA and CDC Article states no virus has been isolated pdf

“NOTICE OF NO CONSENT” to refuse medical testing pdf


California Patient’s Bill of Rights pdf

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