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In the hectic world we live in today, we need to always be prepared for the unexpected. It is not enough to simply prep for material things such as food and survival tools; we also need to prep internally to survive the upcoming global crisis.

This training program by internationally respected author and Senior Certified Qigong and meditation instructor Francesco Garri Garripoli is strategically designed to provide you with practical written, audio and video tools to activate the internal energy you need to not only survive the coming world challenges, but thrive through them. These include body, mind and spirit practices that will help you hone your inner and outer skill set.

Drawing from his 40-plus years of training in martial arts, Qigong energy practices, Nei gong meditation and neuroscience, Francesco provides a wealth of knowledge that is both practical and applicable. Some of what is offered here may go against what you have been taught, but the fact is, we have not been given the full truth of who we are, what “energy” is, or what we are even capable of being, especially under stress.

The episodes of the course include:

Day One
Prepping From the Inside Out

This segment that kickstarts the series is about understanding what drives your current skillset, who is the “real” you, and what is it that truly motivates you. Understanding this is key to your grounding and centering, from the inside out.

Applied Exercise:  “Swimming Dragon”

Day Two
Transforming the Power of Your Emotions

Once we understand what drives us, what motivates us as we dug into in Segment One, we need to understand emotional components of our life. Emotions carry massive power and for those who know how to tap this, they will elevate to apex leadership.  Most people unconsciously express, or worse, deny their emotions and thus they never tap them for the jet fuel available there. This segment provides a clear alchemical technique for accessing energy at this level for efficient action. This is essential for prepping at the core and moving forward.

Applied Exercise: “Organ Cleansing Meridian Harmonizing”

Day Three:
The Five Enemies

The title of this Segment is taken from the writings of Chuang Tzu, the 4th Century BCE Taoist rebel mystic. He was a threat to the established government and war mongers of his day, yet he managed to escape their grasp through his cleverness and insights that came from living in the mountains. He reminds us that our true enemies exist within us. Francesco goes through each “enemy” and shows that we can realize the power, focus, and clarity available to us by subduing these five enemies.

Applied Exercise:  “Shaolin Alignment Sequence”

Day Four:
Ronin vs Samurai

Sixteenth Century Japan had two distinct warrior classes in the time of the Shogun. Both excelled in fighting techniques, but when it came down to confrontation between them, one was the clear winner, and this Segment looks at why. We build on the first three Segments of this series and here, we pull together core principles for practical action and inner cultivation.

Applied Exercise: “An” - Wu Shu/Qigong practice for warrior vision.

Day Five:
The Power of Your Breath

This Segment looks at the the most fundamental technique in Energy Prepping, working with your breath. Most people breathe inefficiently, or worse, destructively. From what we learned about tapping the power of emotion in previous segments, we take it to the next level through the use of ancient Taoist breathing techniques and will go through various examples to not only activate your energy at a higher level, but basically make you immune to stress.

Applied Exercise:  “Diaphragmatic Taoist Breathing”

Day Six:
Shaolin and Taoist Energy Armor

In this Segment, we are ready to look at how to prep our energetic “armor” that the ancient Taoists called the Wei Qi Field (pronounced “way chee”). This is not only our critical protection from external toxic attacks whether they be biological, verbal, energetic, or physical, but developing our Wei Qi Fields turns out to be the most powerful extension of our immune system. Shaolin monks and Taoist practitioners in ancient times were at odds with the governmental Confucians and it was their ability to maintain their protective Qi-activated energetic shield that allowed them to thrive.

Applied Exercise:  “Nervous System & Wei Qi Strengthening & Clearing”

Day Seven:
Unlocking Our Three Minds

Here we look at “mind” in a powerful new way that will allow you to be free from a lifetime of conditioning that holds you back from actualizing your potential.

Applied Exercise:  “Heart/Shen Cleansing and Strengthening”

Day Eight:
Body, Mind, Spirit Integration

This Segment completes the strategy for your personal Energy Prepping as it pulls together all we have addressed in previous Segments and assembles them into an unshakable temple fortress for your consciousness. Prepping at this level is what frees you from all that holds you back. With these skills, you will look at the world with a new set of spiritual warrior eyes, recognizing illusion and understanding how to navigate through a well-crafted reality.

Applied Exercise: “Organ Cleansing Clearing Move” + “Hui - Centering & Alignment”

In addition to the full course, "Personal Energy Prepping" on MP4 video download, you will also receive bonuses from Francesco Garripoli. The Personal Energy Prepping: Physical Plus Digital Package bonuses includes:
.  .  
  • "The Qi Effect" book shipped to your door, paperback
  • "Unlocking Your Three Minds" 10-Part Course in audio mp3, with video overview MP4, and 12-page course overview document pdf
  • "The Tao of the Ride" ebook
  • "Qigong: Essence of the Healing Dance" ebook
All proceeds from the Personal Energy Prepping course packages, which are disseminated to CommunityAwake, will go to non-profit CommunityAwake 501(c)3 for funding ongoing efforts to support our Veteran scholarship program, Bhutan monastery funding, and our Wuji Mountain retreat construction in North Carolina.  

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