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The End of COVID is a once in a lifetime compilation of honest and terrifying truths that big pharma and the government do not want you to see. Spanning over 100 hours, this extensive content delves into the intricate plans aimed at total human control and domination.

Modules 1-11
  • 90 Session Videos
Plus 2 Bonus Videos:
  • The Nourishing Traditions Diet
  • The World Peace Diet

With The End of COVID, we’ve created a library of videos to educate the public on what’s happened over the last three years. Plus, the decades before it. 

Over the course of 90+ sessions, we go all the way back to the origins of germ theory, and touch on every so-called “pandemic” up to the present. This collection of information exposes pandemics for what they really are: a big show. One that's been on-air since TVs were in black and white.

Like a podcast or your favorite true-crime show, only this nightmare is happening to all of us. The breadth of this information exposes the entire field of virology for what it is: a terrifying show that “globalists” created to manipulate us. And the entire production is coming to a close – once and for all.

The End of Covid is 11-modules with multiple sessions -- check them out below.

Module 1 - The Narrative Part 1

  • Session 1 - Setting the Stage, Part 1 - Watch as Dr. Mark Bailey, Patrick Henningsen, & Steve Falconer discuss how “they” laid the groundwork for the COVID show to begin.
  • Session 2 - Setting the Stage, Part 2 - Leslie Manookian joins Alec Zeck to review the financial, legislative and regulatory landscape that allowed the “production” to be greenlit.
  • Session 3 - The COVID Origin Story - Eric Coppolino and Alec Zeck go over the chronological timeline of the COVID pandemic, from breakout news to the worldwide lockdowns.
  • Session 4 - Isolation of SARS-CoV-2 - Jacob Diaz and Alec Zeck interview Dr. Andy Kaufman & Dr. Tom Cowan on the foundational “evidence” of coronavirus.
  • Session 5 - The SARS-CoV-2 Genome & Variants - Watch as Dr. Mark Bailey, Dr. Andy Kaufman, and Dr. Stefano Scoglio discuss the in-silico SARS-CoV-2 genome and its variants.
  • Session 6 - The PCR Tests - Dr. Kevin Corbett & Dr. Jerneja Tomsic builds-up on the past two sessions to break down the misuse of PCR tests that plagued the world.
  • Session 7 - What’s Under the Microscope? Problems with electron microscopy with regards to viruses is discussed by Mike Stone, Mike Donio, Dr. Mari Are & John Blaid.
  • Session 8 - FOI Requests & Virology on Trial - Features Marvin Haberland & Christine Massey, with Alec Zeck. This session is split into 2 segments, where they talk about the 200 FOI requests to health institutions regarding the existence of SARS-CoV-2 and how Haberland won against the German government on its health measures about COVID-19.

Module 2 - The Narrative Part 2

  • Session 9 - The Science & Logic of Virology - Alec Zeck, Dr. Jordan Grant and Mike Stone discuss the truth about these viruses and the corresponding pseudosciences.
  • Session 10 -The Control Experiments - Features Mike Donio & John Blaid as they learn about the various controlled experiments that have been done within the field of virology.
  • Session 11 - The “Proof” of Contagion - Mike Stone & Jacob Diaz expose the truth about how viruses are being passed down from one sick host to another.
  • Session 12 - The Gain of Function Narrative - Drs. Sam & Mark Bailey investigate the reality of what’s happening in these labs and how it impacts our lives.
  • Session 13 - The Spike Protein - Dr. Stefano Scoglio sits down with Alec Zeck to discuss all things related to spike protein and how it relates, or not, to SARS-CoV-2 virus.
  • Session 14 - The Symptoms of COVID - Features Dr. Tom Cowan, Mike Stone and Dr. Amandha Vollmer as they discuss the amalgamation of symptoms known as COVID-19.
  • Session 15 - COVID Psychosomatics - Watch as Brendan Murphy reveals the psychosomatic aspects of COVID and the manifestation of disease symptoms.
  • Session 16 - The Digital Phenomenon of COVID - Eric Coppolino and Mike Winner explain how the digital age contributed to the widespread paranoia about COVID.
  • Session 17 - The Psychology of Obedience & Fear - In this session, Dr. Kelly Brogan, Dr. Andy Kaufman & Dr. Amandha Vollmer talk about how “they” control people through fear.
  • Session 18 - Fear of the Germ in Film & Pop Culture - In relation to the previous topic, this session features Marcelina Cravat, Michael Wallach & Mike Winner. They discuss how Hollywood has played a big role in the perpetuation of unfounded fear about viral and contagion outbreaks.

Module 3 - The Narrative Part 3

  • Session 19 - The State of Captivity - Meredith Miller talks about Sockholm syndrome, gaslighting and more, and how they played a part in manipulating people in the last 3 years.
  • Session 20 - Super-Spreading Truth - Features Patrick Henningsen, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Ian Smith & Dr. Ben Tapper as they discuss how “globalists” deplatform and censor anyone who speaks out the truth about their agenda.
  • Session 21 - Comparing Health Measures Across the World - Alec Zeck and Nick Hudson talk about the effectiveness of various health measures done worldwide.
  • Session 22 - Where’s the Pandemic? - In this session, watch as Nick Huson breaks down the death toll for covid and whether these numbers really make a “pandemic.”
  • Session 23 - The New York Epicenter - Alec Zeck sits down with Michael Bryant as he reveals the truth about the COVID epicenter being New York City with a presentation of data from NYC.
  • Session 24 - The Italian Test Run Analysis - Michael Bryant joins Alec Zeck and presents why he thinks Italy was a test-run for the plan-demic in the west.

Module 4 - The Narrative Part 4

  • Session 25 - The Hospital Protocols - Module 4 starts with Jacob Diaz discussing the hospital protocols and how they were more harmful towards the COVID-19 patients.
  • Session 26 - Hospital Iatrogenesis - Carolyn Blakeman joins Alec Zeck as she reveals the more than 700 stories of hospital-protocol-related deaths that happened in the COVID era.
  • Session 27 - The Health Implications of Masks - Watch two perspectives from Dr. Jim Meehan and Dr. Mari Arce & Jacob Diaz as they talk about the effectiveness of wearing masks against the COVID-19 virus.
  • Session 28 - HCQ & Ivermectin: A Different Take - Jacob Diaz & Steve Falconer provide an in-depth take on HQC and IVM and how they greatly helped people get over COVID.
  • Session 29 - The Economic Impact - Michael Bryant, Mark Gober & Leslie Manookian talk about the COVID charade’s effect on the world’s economy and more.
  • Session 30 - The Legality of Lockdowns & Mandates -  Attorneys Todd Callendar & Michael Yoder join Alec Zeck to review the legalities of the so-called “health measures” during the pandemic.
  • Session 31 - The Power’s in Our Hands - Peggy Hall and Dr. Kelly Brogan talk about your rights to be free, constitutional law, the government’s so-called authority and why you should know your right to protect not just yourself, but also your family.

Module 5 - The Spin-off: Covid Shots

** Disclaimer: The first three sessions (sessions 32-34) of this module feature different perspectives on the novel mRNA products. We don’t claim to know the exact right answers and we invite you to exercise your critical thinking abilities to form your own conclusion on these products**

  • Session 32 - The mRNA Shots (Part 1) -  Join Dr. Ana Mihalcea and Dr. David Nixon as they explore novel mRNA products, delving into their composition and the purposes they serve.
  • Session 33 - The mRNA Shots (Part 2) - Discover Dr. Ana Maria Oliva's insights on mRNA products, including their benefits and composition.
  • Session 34 - The mRNA Shots (Part 3) -  Providing a third perspective on the purpose and efficacy of mRNA products, Dr. Lee Merritt offers her expert analysis.
  • Session 35 - The Numbers Game: Cases, Deaths and VAERS - Watch as Dr. Henry Ealy, Albert Benevidas & John Beaudoin expose the truth about the real numbers of cases and deaths on the COVID-19 virus.
  • Session 36 - Vaccine Damage: The DMED Data - In this session, whistleblowers LTC Theresa Long, LTC Doc Chambers & MAJ Sam Sigoloff join Dr.Stanton Hom to discuss all things related to the DMED data and the tyranny in the Department of Defense.
  • Session 37 - Vaccine Damage: Frontline Voices - Alec Zeck is joined by Jodi O’Malley, Karen Zmora, Alex McManus, and Gail Macrae (nurses and nurse practitioners from various US hospital systems) to tell their stories and what they witnessed before, during and after the vaccine rollout.
  • Session 38 - What About Vaccine Shedding? - Join Dr. Tom Cowan, Dr. Andy Kaufman, and Dr. Amandha Vollmer as they engage in a discussion and debate on the topic of vaccine shedding, examining the legitimacy of this phenomenon and addressing concerns about its implications.
  • Session 39 - Voices of the Wrongfully Terminated - In this session, Mike Donio, who was fired from taking the shots, is joined by several men and women who were also fired – healthcare workers Gail Macrae and Lo Clarke, and firefighters Josh Sattley and John Knox – to discuss their experiences.
  • Session 40 - Voices of the Victims (Part 1) - Felicity Jackson, Sheryl Ruettgers, Brittany Galvin, and Pamela Goodman, who lost her son as a result of the COVID vaccine, share their stories and the sad and terrifying truth about the vaccine.

    Module 6 - The Prequel: Science and Corruption

    • Session 41 - Voices of the Victims (Part 2) - In this session, Jodie Meschuk joins Dr. Stanton Hom to tell the story of her son’s vaccine injury and the subsequent healing that occurred.
    • Session 42 - Detoxifying from the Shots (Part 1 & 2) - The human body is an amazing, self-healing creation and in this session, Dr. Ana Mihalcea, and The Bigelsen Brothers & Dr. Barre Lando share two perspectives on how you can detoxify from these novel mRNA products and other vaccines.
    • Session 43 - Dissolving the Vaccine Illusion - Features the world premier of Dissolving the Vaccine Illusion created by Roman Bystrianyk, co-author of the highly acclaimed book Dissolving Illusions; Disease, Vaccines and The Forgotten History. This documentary gives incredible insight into the pseudo-scientific history of vaccination and the lack of proof that its implementation prevented any sort of disease.
    • Session 44 - Big Pharma’s Dark Past - In this session, Alec Zeck gives a presentation on the historical corruption of the pharmaceutical industry and its relationship to the media, the government and the medical industrial complex.
    • Session 45 - The Greater Good - Features an award-winning, character-driven documentary directed by Leslie Manookian and Kendall Nelson. It explores the cultural intersections where parenting meets modern medicine and individual rights collide with politics. The film offers parents, doctors and policy makers a safe space to speak openly, actively listen and learn from one another.
    • Session 46 - A Pediatrician’s Perspective - Dr. Larry Palevsky, a medical doctor and pediatrician, and Dr. Stanton Hom, a pediatric chiropractor, both offer their point of views into the health of vaccinated and unvaccinated children and more.
    • Session 47 - Professional Institutions & Rockefeller Medicine -  Matt Roeske & Dawn Lester discuss the impact of Rockefeller, from historical events up to modern health, the Flexner report and the historical rise of professional institutions.
    • Session 48 - The Fallacy of Peer Review - Brendan Murphy starts this session by presenting on the problems with the peer review process, followed by Mike Donio facilitating a conversation on peer review with Jerneja Tomsic.
    • Session 49 - Conditioned Credentialism - Dr. Kelly Brogan & Dr. Larry Palevsky sit down with Mike Donio to discuss why so many doctors struggle to see through their own conditioning.

    Module 7 - Germ Theory: Reality or Science Fiction

    • Session 50 - Bechamp vs. Pasteur - How far back does the Germ vs. Terrain conversation go? And how did the Germ Theory win out and impact all of modern medicine? In this session Mike Winner sits down for a presentation delivered by Jacob Diaz and bio-terrian practitioner Dr. Barre Lando to discuss Louis Pasteur, Antoine Béchamp and the germ vs. terrain conversation.
    • Session 51 - The History of Virology - How far back does the pseudoscience of virology go? What is the true history of this so-called scientific field of study? In this session, Mike Stone sits down with Dr. Mark Bailey and filmmaker Steve Falconer to discuss the viral origins.
    • Session 52 - HIV/AIDS - In this session, Dr. Kelly Brogan sits down with Torsten Engelbrecht, co-author of Virus Mania, and Dr. Kevin Corbett to discuss the true history of HIV and AIDS.
    • Session 53 - The Role of Bacteria - Continuing on from the context established in the Bechamp vs. Pasteur session, in this session Jacob Diaz is joined by the dynamic duo Dawn Lester & David Parker, authors of What Really Makes You Ill?, and Dr. Mari Arce to discuss the role of bacteria in nature, the pleomorphic cycle, and whether bacteria are pathogenic.
    • Session 54 - Mold, Parasites & Disease - Daniel Roytas of Humanley delivers an incredible presentation on the role of mold, fungi and parasites in nature and the implications for human health.
    • Session 55 - What About Measles, Chickenpox, Monkeypox, & Polio? - In this session, we explore the true history of common so-called viral illnesses like measles, chickenpox and polio and the lack of proof of their alleged causes.
    • Session 56 - What About Lyme? - Features terrain-based health practitioner Dr. Steph Young, as he delivers an incredible presentation on the true history of Lyme disease, what causes it, its symptoms and more.
    • Session 57 - What About Antibodies? - Dr. Mari Arce, Dr. Stefano Scoglio, Mike Donio and Mike Stone sit down with Jacob Diaz to discuss the true nature of antibodies, how antibodies work, and how antibody tests work.
    • Session 58 - What Really Makes Us Ill? (Part 1) - Jacob Diaz sits down with Dawn Lester and David Parker, authors of the acclaimed book What Really Makes You Ill? to discuss just what causes disease.
    • Session 59 - What Really Makes Us Ill? (Part 2) - Jacob Diaz, Dawn Lester and David Parker continue their discussion on what really makes humans sick, based on their book, What Really Makes You Ill?, and more.
    • Session 60 - The Paradigm Shift - Using the 1962 book "The Structure of Scientific Revolutions" by Thomas S. Kuhn as a guide, Dr. Amandha Vollmer makes the case that we have arrived at a potent intellectual revolution and it has become vital for our survival to re-examine these scientific foundations we have long assumed to be true.

    Module 8 - W.H.O.’s Directing the Show?

    • Session 61 - The Agenda - Alec Zeck sits down with the prolific, multi-best-selling author David Icke to discuss the overall agenda that’s at play across the world. COVID wasn’t the starting point, but it is a massive stepping stone in the agenda.
    • Session 62 - The Great Reset & Digital IDs - Mark Gober, author of An End To The Upside Down Reset, walks us through the organizations and power brokers currently orchestrating “The Great Reset” and the dire ramifications this will have for all basic human rights if it isn’t curtailed or stopped.
    • Session 63 - Transhumanism - Mike Winner is joined by author and speaker James Tunney to connect all the dots between COVID and the grander transhumanism agenda. Part history lesson, part warning for the future, this is a riveting discussion of unparalleled importance for this time.
    • Session 64 - The WHO Pandemic Treaty - Alec Zeck hears from independent researchers James Roguski and Jesse Zurawell to discuss what is actually going on with the World Health Organization, how much of an impact it will have on our lives, has the W.H.O. laid the groundwork for perpetual pandemics and how does virology play into all of this?
    • Session 65 - Convictions over Complacency - Alec Zeck has a discussion with two of the most outspoken chiropractors in the world, Dr. Stanton Hom and Dr. Ben Tapper, on the need for all of us to stand up and express our freedom for the sake of our future and for future generations.

    Module 9 - Re-Writing the Script: The Way Forward

    • Session 66 - The Illusion of Authority - Alec Zeck is joined by authors and liberty aficionados Mark Gober and Etienne de la Boetie to discuss what has happened over the last 3 years, how government authorities control us and what “they” will do if the concept of governmental authority is questioned.
    • Session 67 - Law for Mankind in Action - Features the members of The Sovereign’s Way where they introduce the only knowledge you will ever need to take back power over your life. 
    • Session 68 - InPower Movement - Dr. Amandha Vollmer is joined by Cal Washington, InPower CEO, to discuss a movement Cal helped to ignite to take our power back. The InPower community is culturally, governmentally and geographically diverse, but has a common bond: the need to have authority over one's health and home.
    • Session 69 - A Common Law Approach to Justice - Dr. Christiane Northrup, Lynette Madsen and Jeff Witzeman discuss Stand Firm Now, a common law approach to obtaining justice for government overreach by requiring medical personnel to submit an affidavit stating that a number of laws have been violated, and how men and women can participate in it.
    • Session 70 - Emancipating Healing Professionals - John Jay Singleton joins Alec Zeck to discuss an approach to helping medical and healing professionals practice outside of the traditional paradigm.
    • Session 71 - The True History of Western Education - Alec Zeck chats with David James Rodriguez about the public school system, private schools, homeschooling, unschooling, indoctrination and propaganda, and how we help our children free their minds.
    • Session 72 - The Journey Home - Alec is joined by teacher, writer and speaker Garret Kramer. Together, they’ll explore the possibility that our own personal life journey and purpose is the same for everyone, what if rather than ascend, evolve or even take in and grow, we’re meant to question, break down and shed?
    • Session 73 - What is The Way Forward? - Watch as Dawn Lester, Alec Zeck and Mike Winner have a chat about the new, exciting paradigm mankind is headed toward, after going through an intense journey of unlearning.

    Module 10 - A New Health Story (Part 1)

    • Session 74 - What if My Body is Brilliant? - Features a short film by James & Chris, where they ask some important questions to get you thinking about what health and disease really look like, as we help to write a new health story in the post vaccine and post germ-fear paradigm.
    • Session 75 - What is Disease? - Alec is joined by Dr. Tom Cowan, Dr. Andy Kaufman, Dr. Larry Palevsky and Dr. Amandha Vollmer to discuss the truth about disease, its symptoms and what "health" really is.
    • Session 76 - Bio-Terrain Medicine - Dr. Barre Lando offers a glimpse into the modalities and techniques used by a true pioneer in the field of bio-terrain, with his over 40 years of bio-terrain medical practice.
    • Session 77 - The Holography of Our Terrain - Mike Winner sits down with Adam & Josh Bigelsen, who have carried on their father’s groundbreaking work to discuss Dr. Harvey Bigelsen’s research and unique method, which recognized holographic imagery in our blood and the story it tells related to imbalances in our terrain-based medicine.
    • Session 78 - The Human Bio-field - Watch as Dawn Lester sits down with pioneering researcher in the field of electric health, Eileen McKusick to discuss the human biofield anatomy and its health implications.
    • Session 79 - German New Medicine - Dr. Kelly Brogan interviews Dr. Melissa Sell, a chiropractor that specializes in German New Medicine, to discuss the 5 Biological Laws, and the implications of German New Medicine for our health.
    • Session 80 - Beyond Contagion Dogma - Watch as Brendan Murphy builds upon the mental, emotional and electrical implications for health, shedding light on how they might play a role in the phenomenon of two or more people getting sick with similar symptoms.
    • Session 81 - Self Reclamation - Dr. Kelly Brogan gives a presentation on the pseudoscience of psychiatry, the victim-hood mentality modern medicine helps to create, and what it takes to reclaim ourselves and take ownership of our health and well-being.
    • Session 82 - The Power of the Inside Game - In this session, Tom Barnett and Mike Winner come together to shed light on how we can harness our inner strengths to cultivate a vibrant life, both internally and externally. They will explore the intangible forces influencing our health and delve into the profound impact of the mind and spirit on our physical well-being.

    Module 11 - A New Health Story (Part 2)

    • Session 83 - The 4th Phase of Water - In this session, Dr. Amandha Vollmer is joined by Dr. Gerald Pollack, a PhD scientist who’s been studying this phenomenon for decades, to discuss water’s 4th phase and its implications for human health.
    • Session 84 - The Mystery of Water - Jacob Diaz listens in on a presentation by water researcher Veda Austin. Austin’s presentation shows that water has an innate intelligence that has major implications for the nature of reality, consciousness, the phenomenon of contagion and human health.
    • Session 85 - The New Cell Biology - Amandha Vollmer discusses new cell biology with Dr. Tom Cowan, what is likely the true nature of cell biology and what we actually know about them, considering much of modern molecular and microbiology is built upon unproven, pseudoscientific presuppositions. 
    • Session 86 - Homeopathy - In this session, homeopath Lisa Strbac introduces you to the fundamentals of homeopathy, what homeopathy is, how to learn homeopathy and how it can benefit you.
    • Session 87 - A New Biophysical Paradigm - Sayer Ji, author of REGENERATE, explains a New Biophysical Paradigm Explaining the "WHY" of Infectious Disease that you've probably never heard before. It's called the Xenogen Explanation and it helps to resolve the intensely contentious “viruses kill"/"viruses are harmless” debate.
    • Session 88 - Alchemical Health - Dawn Lester listens in as Dr. Steven Young gives a presentation on alchemy and what elements earth, water, air and fire have to do with us – contextualizing the role of both in human health.
    • Session 89 - Esoteric Biochemistry - Dr. Barre Lando, Dr. Amandha Vollmer and Steve Falconer join Dawn Lester to discuss the fascinating field known as esoteric biochemistry. Learn how the subtle energies of the cosmos actually interact with our tissues to create well-being and how you can easily channel this potential with some simple practices.
    • Session 90 - The 6 Dimensions of H.E.A.L.T.H. - In this final session for The End of COVID, Dr. Edith and Alec Zeck explore the Six Dimensions of H.E.A.L.T.H., distilling all that’s been explored over the last two modules into practical solutions.

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