The Greater Good (DVD)

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The Greater Good (DVD)
THE GREATER GOOD is an award-winning, character-driven documentary that explores where parenting meets modern medicine, and cultural intersections where individual rights collide with politics. 

This documentary tells the rarely heard stories of three families adversely impacted by vaccination. This important perspective on the issue of vaccine safety has been left out of the mainstream media debate for too long. These courageous families show us that it is time to Think Again: 

  • Think Again: Why many more studies are needed to be certain that children are protected.

  • Think Again: Choose an immunity plan that works for each individual family’s unique health and medical situation.

  • Think Again: Pressure leaders on making sure any substance meant for the human body is tested properly.

The film offers parents, doctors, and policy makers a platform to speak openly, listen actively, and learn from one another.

Using real footage, intimate interviews and up-to-date independent reporting, THE GREATER GOOD weaves together the stories of families whose lives have been forever changed by vaccination.

For a limited time, you will also receive these bonuses with the docuseries purchase:
  • PDF "Vaccine FAQ's (5 pp.)
  • PDF "Supporting Scientific Research and Fact Check on Vaccines" (4 pp.)
  • PDF "Vaccine Fast Facts" Postcard (2 pp.)
  • Health Freedom Defense Fund founder and THE GREATER GOOD producer, Leslie Manookian's 2-Hr Presentation, "What We Face - The Plan to Destroy Our Health Freedom and Install a Fascist Bio-security State."
  • PDF of the Presentation of "What We Face - The Installation of a Fascist Bio-Security State" (32 pp)
  • Leslie Manookian's 1-Hr Presentation, "The Installation of the Digital Control Grid"
  • PDF of the Presentation of "The Installation of the Digital Control Grid" (33 pp.)
  • Health Freedom Defense Fund "Covid Employment Discrimination Overview" PDF (47 pp.)
  • Health Freedom Defense Fund "Religious Conscientious Belief Sample Language" (1 p.)
  • Health Freedom Defense Fund "Religious Conscientious Belief Exemption Letter" (4 pp)

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